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Founder: Springrize
Platform: Thread
Orientation: Chaotic Nuetral
Date Founded: 7/12/20
Member count: 2/10
Oc Limit: 20


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Their school is in a large castle hidden by a forest, invisible to humans. The school has 5 large dorms, each person has their own bedroom attached to the common room of the dorm. The groups are decided by species and age. The forest is forbidden to students at night, but during the day, they are allowed to explore it.

The students are required to wear a uniform during classes, but when they are on their free time, they may wear what they wish. The school has require magenta bottoms of any style and a white button up shirt as well as a magenta tie. Blazers are optional.


Rules and Traditions

The school requires students that practice dark magic only use dark spells in class, not around school.
Students may not use magic on each other.
Everybody must follow directions of the head witch or warlock.
Students may have a pet dragon, unicorn, pegasus, cat, dog, rat, toad, or owl. This does not count as a witches familiar.
Witches and warlocks receive their familiar after their first exam.
Witches and warlocks may not use magic in a spar with a non-magical being. (Werewolves, vampires, ect.)
Non-magical beings are not allowed in the witches and warlocks classrooms or dorms for their safety.
Sports are allowed, but frowned upon.
The courtyard is used only for relaxing, sparring is in the dungeon.
Have fun!
Traditions and Beliefs
Holidays from all religions are celebrated by the school.
Once a year, students may challenge the head witch.
Students may visit their families whenever they wish during the weekends and breaks.
They celebrate their zodiac signs on every type of eclipse.
Blood moons are signs of bad luck.
New students are sent into the forest for missions to prove they can use magic to survive.


Head Witch (1/1)

The Head Witch practically runs the school. If someone gets in trouble, they see the Head Witch. They are very powerful, much stronger than a normal witch. Their familiar is also stronger than an average familiar. Despite this, if a Head Witch abuses the position, all of their powers are taken.

Name Username Gender Age Alignment
Hikaru Springrize Male 17 Dark
Witches (2/10)

The witches are considered high-class, as they are the only species that may become Head Witch. They are powerful, but they all have weaknesses. The witches can control different things based on their Alignment or Realm.

Name Username Gender Age Alignment
Eiji Springrize Male 17 Light
Tamaki Sil3ntm1st huehue Male 17 Light

The werewolves are respected, they are the law enforcement of the school. They will take people who break the rules to the Head Witch. The werewolves tend to only respect each other, and they can get away with disrespecting the witches.

Name Username Gender Rank Alignment
- - - Alpha -
- - - Beta -
- - - Commoner -
- - - Commoner -
- - - Omega -
Vampires (0/∞)

Vampires are considered the middle class. They do not have much power, but they could easily beat a werewolf in a fight. The vampires aren't in once specific clique, there tends to be many different small groups, but one head vampire keeps all of them in line.

Name Username Gender Rank Alignment
- - - Head -
Katsumi Springrize Female Commoner Dark
- - - Commoner -
- - - Commoner -
Other (0/∞)

Others are the species that don't quite fit in with the others. These species are powerful, but are not allowed to use their skills against the others in a battle.

Name Username Gender Alignment Species
Mei Sil3ntm1st huehue Female Light Neko
- - - - -
- - - - -

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Credit to Springrize for founding the clan

Credit to Ukiyø for coding

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  • Tamaki
  • Mei
  • Katsumi

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