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General Information

nickname(s): Ali, A, Kitten
gender: Male
creator: Springrize
operator: Springrize
rank: Fighter
affiliation: Fallen Angels
birth date: Oct. 27
zodiac: Scorpio
age: 20
status: Alive & Active
classification: Humanoid


Alistaire is a social, sarcastic male. He is very tall and muscular, having black hair with white highlights. He has Aquaphobia. He currently resides in Fallen Angels.


  • breed: Neko
  • build: Tall and muscular
    • weight: 200 pounds
    • height: 6'10
  • eye shape: Round
    • eye color: Dark purple
  • scars: N/A
  • scent: Rain and clover
  • voice: Deep and soft

Description & Reference

Alistaire is tall and muscular, having broad shoulders and long limbs. He has a chiseled face and large, round eyes. He has pale skin with slight freckles sprayed across his nose. He has dark purple eyes and full, light lips.


offense: 7/10

defense: 8/10

strength: 7/10

intelligence: 10/10

hunting: 3/10

climbing: 4/10

swimming: 2/10

agility: 5/10

endurance: 5/10

sociability: 6/10

medicine: 4/10


- positive: Intelligent, Loyal, Social

- neutral: Honest, Sarcastic, Logical

- negative: Blunt, Rude, Short-tempered


  • Aquaphobia: He has an extreme fear of drowning, and won't enter any water unless is is a very shallow pond, and is still reluctant. He watched his friend drown, and was unable to help him.


bullet guide created by apricate

bullet guide

10px /slight crush

10px10px //crush

10px10px10px /love


10px /trust

10px10px //Envy

10px10px10px /regret

10px /like

10px10px /respect

10px10px10px /idolize


10px /slight curiosity

10px10px /major curiosity

10px10px10px /interested

10px /shy

10px10px /nervous

10px10px10px /discomfort


10px /acquaintance

10px10px /friend

10px10px10px //close friend

10px /unease

10px10px /disgust

10px10px10px /aversion


10px /wants to get to know

10px10px /misses

10px10px10px /can't bear without

10px /relatives

10px10px /family

10px10px10px /joint at the hip


10px /slightly suspicious

alt10px /very suspicious

10px10px10px /distrusts

10px /annoyed by

10px10px /dislike

10px10px10px /hate


10px /dead

10px /missing/status unknown

10px /family

10px /mate

10px /fling/ex-mat

Shoun - 40%/Friend/

"You're strange, I like it. You're pretty cute, but I feel like you have a darker side. I want to see it."

name - bullets/relationship/


name - bullets/relationship/


name - bullets/relationship/


name - bullets/relationship/


name - bullets/relationship/


Mali - 50%/ex-fling and friend/

"I'll miss our talks, but you weren't the one, Mal."

name - bullets/relationship/


name - bullets/relationship/


Love Life

status: Open;Not looking
partner: N/A
sexuality: Homosexual
crushes: N/A
past flings: Mali
  • candy eye:
    • mental: Intelligent, playful, sarcastic
    • physical: Tall, deep voices, blue eyes
  • turn-offs
    • mental: Dense, dishonest, disloyal, sensitive
    • physical: Yellow eyes, long hair, feminine builds

Ask Alistaire

ask Alistaire a question in the comments with @Alistaire, and he'll answer here!

from: _______



from: _______




  • He can sing very well.
  • His eyes are naturally purple.
  • He has a familiar, which represents him being a neko, who is named Afarian.
  • He has a mental list of guys he wishes he could date.

Ask Alistaire! Comment with @Alistaire to ask him a question!
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