"Go trip on a knife." -Billie Ellish

Age: 27

Status: Active & Alive

Group: Blazing Shadows

Rank: Guardian

Voice: He has a deep voice with an aggresive tone.
Species: Werewolf
Gait: He has a long, very fast stride.
Description: Sean is tall and muscular, having a dark cmplection and thick curly black hair. He has ear piercings, and a nose ring. He has large dark brown eyes and naturally long canines. He has a small scar on his lower back.

- - - - -

Positive: Kind|Gentle|Understanding Neutral: Clever|Knowing|Brotherly   Negative: Harsh|Closed Off|Hot-Headed

Description: Sean, who goes by Darren, thinks of himself as an Alpha over everyone. He is dominant, and is hot-headed and overly confident. He can also be kind and brotherly,  but is generally to caught up in his game of keeping people scared of him. He is quite intelligent but he doesn't think about consequences.
Mental Disorders: PTSD, Trust Issues

- - - - -

[Name - Relation - Trust %]
"I love you, but what if I hurt you?"


"Burn in hell. I can't wait to watch."
"Stop healing me, can't you tell I'm fine on my own?"

- - - - -

Love Life

Partner: N/A

Crush: Zane

Darren Is Attracted To: Zane

People Attracted To Darren: Zane (Let me know)

Visual Preference: He doesn't mind what people look like, but he perfers being taller.

Mental Preference: He doesn't really set standards, he's open to anyone, but he likes people who can relate to him and support him.

- - - - -

Leadership: 7/10
Intelligence: 7/10
Climbing: 5/10
Swimming: 5/10
Hunting: 5/10
Fighting: 7/10
Speed: 8/10
Physical Health: He is perfectly healthy.
Mental Health: After what happened with Zane, he doesn't trust anyone but his brother.

- - - - -


•He joins Blazing Shadows.

•He finds his old friend, Zane.

•He's unsure if he can trust Zane despite wanting to.

•Zane defends his ex, leaving Darren questioning his loyalty.

•Darren closes Zane out as Zane attempts to help Darren.

•Zane starts to act differently towards Darren, leaving him confused.

•Darren starts to develop feelings towards Zane.

•Darren ends up falling for Zane after he confesses his feelings.

•Darren and Zane grow closer, the pair bonding.

•Zane attempts to muder Darren, and ruins their relationship.

•Zeke targets Darren and manages to get him to hate the young boy.

- - - - -


  • Darren's Wolf Form

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