Age: 16 Years
                                                                    Status: Active & Alive
'                                                                    Rank': Trainee
                                                                    Group: Blazing Shadows

Voice: He has a soft and generally weak voice.
 Species: Werewolf
Gait: He has a short yet swift stride.
Description: Gavin generally has a short but stalky build, he stands at 5'10, but has broad shoulders and a powerful figure. He wears loose clothes, specifically hoodies and ripped jeans. He is pale with a freckled face, he has bright ginger hair that if very curly and is always in his face.

- - - - -

Positive: Kind, Calm, Understanding
Neutral: Thoughtful, Mature, Trusting
Negative: Childish, Niave, Sensitive
Description: Gavin is sweet, and loves to help others, even when they don't want him to. He is soft-spoken but can get snippy with others if he's annoyed. He tends to be quite responsible, but has his moments.
He often plays with his hair and looks and ground when talking to the others.

- - - - -

[Name - Relation - Trust %]
OC Name|Relations|Trust Rate
"You seem cool, and you have a pretty voice."

- - - - -

Leadership: 5/10
Intelligence: 7/10
Climbing: 6/10
Swimming: 7/10
Hunting: 4/10
Fighting: 4/10
Speed: 7/10
Physical Health: Currently quite fit and healthy.
Mental Health: He feels calm and content in his new group.

- - - - -

• Finds his brother Darren

• Meets Ash

• He becomes friends with Ash

- - - - -


  • Human Form
  • Wolf Form

- - - - -

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