Age: 27

Status: Active & Alive

Group: Blazing Shadows

Rank: Hunter

Voice: He has a soft, somewhat deep voice
Species: Shapeshifter
Gait: He has a short, yet swift stide.
Description: He is short (5'7) and somewhat muscular. He has large brown eyes and light brown hair. He has a medium tan skin tone and the bridge of his nose is freckled.

- - - - -

Positive: Kind|Gentle|Understanding Neutral: Empathetic|Trusting|Friendly Negative: Niave|Dense|Sensitive Description: Rain is very sweet, he loves flowers and is always wanting to make new friends even if socializing can make him nervous. He is very sensitive, and his anxiety doesn't make it easier. He gets very easily attatched to others.
Mental Disorders:Extreme Anxiety
Rain is a very nervous person, so he tends to fidget if he's with people he doesn't know well. He tends to be a very goofy person, but he can get very agessive when provoked.

- - - - -

[Name - Relation - Trust %]
You should have just killed me. I want you to. Just do it.
I would apologize for biting you, but you kind of deserved it.

- - - - -

Love Life

Rain Is Attracted To: N/A

People Attracted To Rain: N/A

Visual Preference: He doesn't mind what people look like, but he does enjoy being the shorter one.

Mental Preference: He doesn't really set standards, he's open to anyone, but he likes people who make him feel safe and can deal with his panic attacks.

- - - - -

Leadership: 7/10
Intelligence: 5/10
Climbing: 8/10
Swimming: 9/10
Hunting: 5/10
Fighting: 7/10
Speed: 6/10
Physical Health: Rain is completely healthy.
Mental Health: He is currently confused about his emotions.

- - - - -

• Rain joins Blazing Shadows.
• Rain meets Zane.
• Tyler attacks Rain, leaving Rain in a horrible mental state.

• Rain questions his feelings and sexuality.

• Rain is saved by Zane, and Zane in Rain's mind, 'confessed'. 

•  Zane kisses Rain, but then says he doesn't have feelings for him, leaving Rain confused.

• Rain finally realises he is Homosexual, but is heart-broken over Zane.

•Rain realises he was wrong to be sad that Zane didn't feel the same and apologized in hopes to mend their friendship.

•Zane attempts to murder Rain, he loses all trust in Zane.

- - - - -


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