Trash Clan Roleplays

Trash Clan Roleplays was created by Vakker Rain, and Springrize originally to use for their own roleplays they couldn't use on the wiki they knew. Trash Clans Roleplays allows roleplays from all fandoms, and of all species. Just follow these simple rules:

No inappropriate themes (this includes: heavily suggested sexual themes, heavy use of alcohol, extreme gore, extreme violence, etc) [but does not include: minor gore, minor use of alcohol, and violence]

Harassment, and bullying will not be tolerated under any situation

Be respectful to your fellow users

Excessive drama is not allowed

Trolling falls under the category of bullying and is not allowed

Entitled behavior (ex: speaking for a staff member, etc) is not allowed

Only people over the age of 13 can have a user on this wiki. Failure to comply with this rule results in being blocked until the user is 13 or older.

Posting artwork is fine, as long as you don't steal it, and if you can please give credit

There aren't too many rules listed at the moment, because this is a small wiki for a group of friends. It's not meant to be a big wiki, just a place for us Trash Clanners to gather, and roleplay together. If you weren't invited to roleplay here, it's probably best you don't.

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