aka Springy

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  • I live in The basement below the haunted mansion in your hometown
  • My occupation is Shipping Klance
  • I am Probably making another gay OC

 Hey! I'm Vallery! I'm a Sagittarius so feel free to talk to me about anything related to performing. I'm in choir, ride horses, and play volleyball. I'm super social and love to talk to people. I can be kind of annoying, but please try to be nice, because when I get worked up I can get overly worked up. I love all animals, and especially dogs. I love Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Top Gun, The Woman In Black, Glee, and pretty much all movies. I don't watch many horror movies, but I'm working on watching alot more. I'm an aspiring author so if you need some editing help or want ideas, feel free to talk to me! 

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