Im a fucking tradegy


"Fuck off."

. Male // 28 // Asexual // Single .

Psychological break.

Zane is a tall (6'6) pale and skinny male with icy blue eyes and black hair. He wears a blueish black hoodie and jeans and a necklace that only he knows the true meaning of. At the moment, Zane is very wounded and can't fight as well as used too. He has bandages (large white medical bandages that is) on his arms, neck, and torso. He is a shapeshifter, but is most likely seen with wolf ears and a tail as he is mostly a werewolf. Zane also wears a black mask that covers his mouth and nose.


Phantom // Brother // 34%

Damn you.

Zeke // Nephew // 75%

Oh yes! I love you already, a good pawn or knight for my game!!

Elena // Sister-in-law // 7%

So help me God, if you ever lay a land on my brother or Zeke to hurt them you'll be dead within a second.

Rain // Mixed Emotions // 42%

Stop caring. You deserve to die. I don't care anymore and I will fucking end my life someday. You won't see me again.

Tyler // Ex // 0%


Misty // Former Crush, Friend // 97%

I dunno what it is about you, but you always make me feel calm. I'm glad you don't hate me..

Sean (Darren) // Idiot (in his words) // -%

I'm glad Zeke saw through you and attacked, he should be a good pawn for the game of chess don't you think?

King // Father //0%

Get outta my head! I'm dying because of you, and you want this!

Jace // Mother // 87%

You saved us all but at what cost...?

Luna // Sister // 34%

I don't remember you, but a faint gleam burns for you.

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Love Life

Crush: none

Lover: none

Attracted to (physical): zane has no perference in looks, but like taller and darker haired males.

Attracted to (mentally): Zane likes actors. When someone pretends to be rough and hard and tough but in reality their a complete softie, he finds it amusing. He likes it when someone makes him laugh/giggle, as only a few people can.

People attracted to him: Tyler, Darren

People he is attracted to: None

Former attractions: Misty

More info to be added
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